this blog is just day-to-day experiences while living with therianthropy. im just a humble fox but id be more than happy to post anything about anyone(thing). so please, to make this blog more diverse, submit your own and ill make the picture... enjoy

13th April 2014


Hey, so, I just wanted to say something to you, whether you want to share it or not is up to you… it was just too long for an ask. 

I myself am not a Therian nor do I think that I will ever identify as such. However, I do respect you all because I am a stern believer of reincarnation and have searched my past lives. I can appreciate that that is very similar to what you all are doing. 

I do not agree with every Therian I run into, but you run this blog quite well and I feel like you treat everyone who asks you questions very well. And the people asking you are genuinely asking and not just trolling. 

Even though I am not a Therian myself, thank you for being so respectable and kind and running a blog like this. :3

Blessed be

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18th March 2014

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I hope this turns out alright. I’m using a program on my phone.

I hope this turns out alright. I’m using a program on my phone.

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16th March 2014

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm a scientific tharian (or so I call myself b/c I'm not sure if there is a word for us) and I was wondering if you had any hypotheses on how someone can be a Therian with science?

Well… Tbh I’ve always seen it as a spiritual thing. I guess it could be a genetic or psychological mutation causing one to be either genetically non human or a mental dysphoria that causes someone to truly believe they are otherkin.

5th March 2014

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Anonymous asked: My name is Troy Allan and I am a doctoral student at Argosy University conducting a narrative research project on the spiritual development of Therians. This doctoral research, as part of my degree completion, was most recently approved through the universities ethical review board. With this approval I am now actively seeking eight Therians to participate in the study. I would be honored to have you and others on this blog as part of my study. Please let me know if you are interested.

Oh yes I am very interested :-)

5th March 2014

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Anonymous asked: Hey there foxy, wanted to ask, do you ever have an urge to run all all-fours?

Lots of dreams. And obviously when going up steep stairs (but I don’t think that has anything to do with being a Fox) but normal day to day activity no.