this blog is just day-to-day experiences while living with therianthropy. im just a humble fox but id be more than happy to post anything about anyone(thing). so please, to make this blog more diverse, submit your own and ill make the picture... enjoy

18th September 2014

Question with 4 notes

Anonymous said: Can you list all therin beings you met? :)

A deer
A monkey of some sort
A type of hanging moss

Sorry i know you said therian but i included everyone =^.^=

15th September 2014

Question with 4 notes

Anonymous said: I told my friend yesterday that I'm a lion therian and now she won't stop bugging me with how cool I am.. Also I want to make a yarn tail but how to make a lion yarn tail?

I have no idea about crafts of any sort. And as for the friend situation, rejoice! That’s a positive reaction which is more than most people get

11th September 2014

Question with 3 notes

Anonymous said: Hellooo! I have a question; Are there any snake therians? Like, do they even exist? :s

I haven’t personally met a snake but I’ve met a lot of other beings so it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

11th September 2014

Question with 3 notes

Anonymous said: Hey! I recently discovered that I'm a therian, a wolf, but I'm like super wrong, I'm sure :P I don't like meat ._. and I only eat fruits/veggies so yeah I'm a vegeterian.. When I was young I always played a game with my sibling; A game where I'm a rabbit and he is my owner xD How can you find your theriotype WITHOUT meditation? Because my lil' 1-year old sister is like loud all the time and shes screaming and stuff.. so I can't concetrate D: Help? Thank chuu~ :3

Mine just kinda came to me.. meditation just reassured my suspicions. Your theriotype doesn’t necessarily determine your eating habits. Foxes are scavengers yet i am very picky. Sorry i couldn’t be more help.

22nd August 2014


Anonymous said: I fully identify as Fox-kin, but I have noticed that I feel most at home in the trees to the point where I fight having to leave them. Do foxes climb trees or some kind of large feline? (I may also be part feline-kin, but not really sure.) I also feel uncomfortable in the water, if that helps?

I’m the same way when it comes to climbing.. I’ve looked it up and brown foxes love climbing. And though I’ve not read or seen a red fox do it, it wouldn’t be completely unnatural. I’d just do some soul searching to see what comes up