this blog is just day-to-day experiences while living with therianthropy. im just a humble fox but id be more than happy to post anything about anyone(thing). so please, to make this blog more diverse, submit your own and ill make the picture... enjoy

22nd August 2014


Anonymous said: I fully identify as Fox-kin, but I have noticed that I feel most at home in the trees to the point where I fight having to leave them. Do foxes climb trees or some kind of large feline? (I may also be part feline-kin, but not really sure.) I also feel uncomfortable in the water, if that helps?

I’m the same way when it comes to climbing.. I’ve looked it up and brown foxes love climbing. And though I’ve not read or seen a red fox do it, it wouldn’t be completely unnatural. I’d just do some soul searching to see what comes up

22nd August 2014


Guys…. 600 followers.. like for real… you guys rock.. i love all of you. Keep sending them asks and…. I’ll keep answering =^.^=

21st August 2014


Anonymous said: Hi. I'm a Lynx therian, but just found out recently. (Summer) I was wondering what I should do in school as a therian. I feel like people, even friends, would think I'm crazy if I try to tell them. What do I do?

That’s dependant on you.. only about 5 people offline know…. about me. No-one has really judged me negatively yet but I’ve made sure to only tell people i really trust. Good luck to you though and have a happy school year

9th August 2014

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Anonymous said: Hello there! I love your blog. I'm a snowshoe hare therian, which I'm comfortable with but everyone seems to be a predator. xD Anyway, have you had any funny/memorable experiences with being theiran?

Tails… and car doors… they don’t mix… i yelped amongst a group of friends who didn’t know… got lots of funny looks.

9th August 2014

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Anonymous said: Difference between therian, furries and otherkin?

Furry: is an art style/culture

Otherkin: is a being other than human being in a given human body through either religion, spirituality, or maybe even science

Therian: is a grouping noun for otherkin who identify as a animal present in the human world.

At least that’s my understanding