this blog is just day-to-day experiences while living with therianthropy. im just a humble fox but id be more than happy to post anything about anyone(thing). so please, to make this blog more diverse, submit your own and ill make the picture... enjoy

25th July 2014

Question with 2 notes

Anonymous said: Is there any way to find other therian's ? Cause I have been searching for some in Australia but found nothing , is there any website or trick to meet them in the community ?

Not that i know of unfortunately… that would be something though…

23rd July 2014

Question with 3 notes

Anonymous said: I have been meditating and talking to my wolf, but is there any better way we can get in contact? I really want to connect with him...

I dated someone who was wicca and she helped me out… it was odd and it may be dangerous… But my Fox always just kinda came and went as he pleased

8th July 2014


Over 500 followers…. you guys are amazing. Please keep sending questions. I love helping any wayward beings

6th July 2014

Question with 1 note

Anonymous said: do you think maybe i just learned to ignore my animal self in order to fit in when i was little? i still act a lot like a cat and if i concentrate i can sort of feel where ears and a tail are supposed to be and even if im not ignoring it ive always felt like i should have these things also sorry for multiple questions i just didnt know who to ask

It’s on anon so for all i know several people are asking.. But i do believe that children would suppress feelings to fit in. I told myself i was nuts for i don’t know how long. Still do from time to time. But it’s life and I’m gonna live it.

5th July 2014


Anonymous said: can you grow out of being a therian? i used to feel like a cat when i was younger, to the point where i could literally feel like i was supposed to have dewclaws on my hands and feet but i dont get those feelings anymore... is that normal?

I mean i guess it’s possible. My experience haven’t really deteriorated or anything.